Are you looking for a Sketchup viewer online? XUVER has created the world’s first multi-user virtual meeting platform for SketchUp that works completely online. No heavy downloads, fast and easy convert to publish and share your models online to clients within moments from anywhere in the world. In this blog, we do a deep dive into how XUVER works and how it can help you save time and money and inform your audience in the best way possible.

XUVER was created with the idea of creating a spontaneous virtual meeting space with the engagement of a real-time meeting. The idea was to create an easy-to-use communication platform that anyone can use and you can share within moments from the comfort of your home. Invite your audience by sending them a link to your virtual meeting space. This space can be customized according to your brand’s needs and can be based on a SketchUp model. Inside XUVER, you can communicate with your audience by using audio and video chat. There is also a possibility to attach URLS to objects and watch videos and presentations together on a big screen inside the meeting space!

XUVER is a fully web-based online platform that enables you and your audience to meet inside a SketchUp design in real-time, walk around with your own avatar and discuss ideas using the voice module. XUVER is your complete online and interactive viewer platform. 

Meet your audience online inside your SketchUp Design

All your SketchUp models are easily converted into an interactive 3D experience that requires no software downloads for your client. You and your audience walk around inside the virtual meeting space with an avatar (a 3D figure). This intuitive, game-like atmosphere makes it easy to move around, but also adds space and dimension. The result is that all participants will be fully engaged, just as you would in a meeting in real-life.

Easily convert all your Sketchup files

With this new tool, it has never been easier to convert your Sketchup files and view them. In order to do this smoothly, we developed our one-of-a-kind Sketchup extension that works inside the SketchUp tool. This extension can be downloaded directly inside SketchUp Extension Warehouse. After installing the extension, you can easily convert your .skp file into a XUVER (.xr) file, which can then be easily uploaded into your online backend system and viewed in the browser. The whole process from converting to viewing and sharing online can be done in a matter of moments.

The benefits to the busy SketchUp Designer

Besides serving as a virtual meeting space, XUVER also gives designers the ability to do what’s important and that’s creating. Quickly show your designs to clients before spending hours on rendering only to find out, it’s not what they are after. With XUVER you can invite them inside your model at the click of a button, highlight objects, point out specifics and discuss your design. This gives you and the client greater flexibility and we believe, a better working relationship. We have developed this viewer over years with the intention of making it easier and quicker for designers to showcase their models without the need to visit clients or download heavy software. The result has led to XUVER now having over 10,000 users in most countries in the world. Feel free to enter our Demo viewer here and find out how it all works

An interactive Meeting Space

This online viewer does not ‘just’ allow you and your client to view your models online easily and effectively. They can be viewed alone by your client as well as with others involved in the building process. Walk around the model with a personalized avatar. You can now showcase your models to clients without the need to send them heavy files or visit them in person. This gives your clients the opportunity to view the designs at any time. If they’d like to show other people including friends and family, they can do this at any time. I’d you have invited a client inside the model, it can also be discussed in real-time by using the built-in voice module. This allows you to easily explain your interactive 3D models. Another great feature can be found in pointing out objects and details with the built-in laser pointer. It is also possible to remove and re-add layers in the model. All these features make it easy to explain your 3D model, even for those that do not possess the biggest technical knowledge.

A SketchUp viewer online from your office chair

And perhaps the best part of this SketchUp viewer online: there is much less need to travel back and forth to meet your audience. Our platform works completely online. Indeed: from your own browser. For the best result, it is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox, but Safari is also compatible. Simply send the browser link to your meeting space to the client. After opening the link, your client will appear next to you inside the virtual meeting space, with their own avatar. There is no need for extra training to navigate the avatar through the design and conduct an online viewing with your client. Gone are the days when you had to personally see a client to show them a model, and when heavy software was required to do so. Moreover: with this revolutionary SketchUp viewer online you can simply invite everyone involved, after which they can meet inside an engaging and inspiring meeting space. This makes every project, lecture or webinar clear for everyone that is invited inside. And at XUVER, we are all about that clarity and efficiency.

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