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A Sketchup viewer online like no other

Are you looking for a Sketchup viewer online that is able to easily turn all your sketches into an interactive 3D model? In that case, Xuver has the solution for you. Read all about our versatile viewer in this blog.

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Easily convert all your Sketchup files

Firstly, it was never before this easy to convert your Sketchup files. In order to do this smoothly, we developed our original Sketchup plugin. This plugin works directly after downloading on your computer. After installing the plugin, you can easily convert your .skp file into a Xuver (.xr) file, after which we turn it into a beautiful visualization, which can be viewed after several moments in the Sketchup viewer online.

An interactive 3D model

Furthermore, this online viewer does not ‘just’ create something: your Sketchup model is being turned into a beautiful, but especially interactive 3D model. This model can be viewed alone as well as with others involved in the building process. Walk around the model with a personalized avatar and invite others by sharing the secure HTML-link with them. This interactivity also comes across in the fact that the model can be discussed in real-time by using the built-in speaking module. In this manner, everyone involved can easily view your interactive 3D model. Another great feature can be found in pointing out objects and details with the built-in laser pointer. It is also possible to remove and re-add layers in the model. All these features make it easy to explain your 3D model, even for those that do not possess the biggest technical knowledge.

A sketchup viewer online from your office chair

And perhaps the best of this all? There is no longer a need to leave your office chair. Our viewer works completely online. Indeed: from your own browser. For the best result it is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox, but Safari is also compatible. Gone are the days when you had to personally see a client to show them a model, and when heavy software was required to do so. Moreover: with this revolutionary Sketchup viewer online you can simply invite everyone involved, after which they can walk through the model. Everyone can view the model from their own location and from every possible angle. This makes it clear for everyone what is eventually meant with the project. And at Xuver, we are all about that clarity and efficiency.

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Perhaps you would like to learn more about this unique Sketchup viewer online. That is possible. Feel free to reach out to us and we would be delighted to help you out with any questions that may arise.

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