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Are you looking for a Sketchup viewer? In that case, Xuver has the solution. With our unique viewer, you can view all your Sketchup files with unprecedented ease: this viewer works completely from your own browser and doesn not require any heavy downloads! Within moments you can view and share your designs with anyone from anywhere in the world.

Why choose this Sketchup viewer?

Sketchup is a much-used sketching program, and rightfully so. However, this program, as well as other professional sketching programs, is used by professionals that are trained to use it. In case you want to show your architectural designs to third parties, a few hurdles have to be jumped.

For a start, all other involved parties need to own Sketchup too, or they have to come into your office to view the sketch. At Xuver we wanted to make things easier for not only the designer but for your clients too. Cutting out this travelling time and spending hours on renders only to find out it’s not what your client desires can be painstakingly tedious.

Advantages of the Sketchup viewer

With this Sketchup viewer, all these struggles are long gone. Namely, this viewer works fluently in your own browser. This alone makes it much easier to viewer your sketches. Simply invite interested parties via a link, after which everyone can view the interactive 3D model simply from within their own browser.

Our 3D model is interactive, too. This means that everyone invited can walk through the model with their own personal avatar. It does not get closer to a ‘real’ viewing! This user-friendly viewer is specifically designed for everyone to use, no special training is required. 

The Sketchup viewer of the future

With this online SketchUp viewer, which can also be used as a Revit and ArchiCAD viewer, Xuver delivered a product that is the result of years of ambition. This viewer offers a solution for a very broad group of users. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, an architect or an asset manager. This versatile viewer can be used in many different professions.

Discuss the model with your client through the built-in speaking module. Another great feature is the possibility to point out details with the laser pointer. You can also choose to remove (and re-add) layers in the model and point out objects that need some extra attention. 

Easy conversion with the Sketchup converter

Converting your SketchUp model to view online is also user-friendly and only takes a few minutes. Conversion is done with unprecedented ease inside the SketchUp software with the Xuver extension (this can be downloaded straight from the SketchUp extension warehouse). Convert all your Sketchup files into a beautiful 3D virtual model.

Simply take your converted SKP files – which are now .xr files – upload them to your online back-end system to view and share them online. This whole process only takes a few minutes and saves you and your clients hours visiting or making expensive and time-consuming renders only to find out you need to re-edit your designs.  

Want to know more about the Sketchup viewer?

Has this article grasped your attention? If so, you can always reach out to us. Our team is delighted to give a personal demonstration of this viewer and would like to get in touch. So feel free to contact us!

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