Are you looking for an skp converter that turns your files into an online shareable 3D file? With our plugin for Sketchup, you are now able to convert all your files in a quick and easy way. After which you can view them in our online viewing tool which allows you to then share them an interact online.

An easy to use skp converter

This Sketchup plugin converts all your skp files in an unprecedentedly easy manner, after which they are being converted into a beautiful, interactive 3D model. The software can be downloaded for free through our website, after which you simply open Sketchup. And this is exactly where the usefulness of this tool is put to work. You can start from within Sketchup with a quick convert and within moments your skp file can be converted into a Xuver (.xr) file. This file can be uploaded into the Xuver Backend System, which will turn it into a beautiful 3D model.

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A quick skp converter

The result of this quick skp converter is impressive. Xuver developed the first-of-its-kind interactive 3D communication tool. This software works entirely in your browser while maintaining maximum quality and speed. For a long time, it was only possible to view a 3D model with specialized software and a rather powerful computer. Those days are gone now. From now on, you can just view all your skp designs in your own browser and from your own location. And of course, this also applies to your clients or contractors. Everyone can just stay in their own comfortable location to view the model and walk through it with a personal avatar.

An interactive 3D model

Besides that, this online viewer also aims at interactivity. Our viewer is multi-user, which means that multiple people can access the model at the same time. You can also talk to people, highlight objects and point them out with the laser pointer. All these features make it very easy to discuss a 3D model, even for those parties that do not possess the most extensive technical knowledge. Your client will surely appreciate this extra form of communication and you save yourself some time (and money!).

Want to know more about this skp converter and the online viewer?

Of course, the above-mentioned is just a small introduction into this unique and versatile product that is the result of years of hard work and an ambitious and driven team. Would you like to learn more about our skp converter plugin that makes it possible to quickly convert your skp file into a beautiful and interactive 3D model? Please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to demonstrate the virtues of this viewer to you personally. Contact us for more information. If you want to start your free trial period right away, press the button below.