Ever since Facebook announced their re-branding into Meta, a lot has been written about this new virtual world. The web 3.0, The Metaverse as it’s called, is going to be quite the change. In its essence, the metaverse is best described as a fully virtual world, parallel to our own. In this world, we can do anything, be anything, organize anything.

But it will take some time before we plug ourselves into the Metaverse on a daily basis, and this change will undoubtedly happen gradually. But what if you could start your Metaverse-like experience today, by conducting your meetings in a virtual world, that’s completely designed to your liking? That’s right, it’s already possible to create your own avatar and organize meetings or spontaneous hangouts in a custom made virtual space.

Virtual meetings in a Metaverse – like world

A Metaverse-like experience is already possible with XUVER, and any company can use it to host virtual meetings, virtual events or even sell products in a virtual shopping mall. And just like the Metaverse promises, there are no downloads or complicated steps needed. Anyone can use XUVER. After choosing your own avatar, you can easily walk around inside the virtual world.

Meeting up with teammates, friends or colleagues from all over the world has never been this easy, and -perhaps most importantly- fun. In times of Zoom fatigue, it’s crucially important to engage everyone while meeting online. So while inside the virtual meeting room, you can chat away with your device’s microphone, and use the optional big screens to show fun videos or presentations. Just as there are no limits to the Metaverse, there are no limits to how XUVER can be used to meet virtually. The only limit is your own imagination.

Step inside a custom-made virtual world

Besides hanging around with a self-chosen avatar, it’s also possible to customize the virtual meeting space according to your specific needs and likings. Are you looking for a retail environment to sell your products in? Or perhaps you’d want to host a virtual event that has different exhibit stalls? Or an auditorium with a huge stage for virtual Ted Talks? Perhaps a big screen that shows additional video content? It’s all possible.

Your own virtual Metaverse – like meeting platform can be achieved in a few ways. You can choose a ready-made model and customize it to your liking, or you can upload a digital design file directly into XUVER. And what if you don’t have a design file yet, but you have a great idea to create a custom meeting space? The answer is simple: we’ll create your virtual meeting space for you.

Spontaneous virtual meetings made easy

By plugging into XUVER, it’s easier than ever to meet each other online. Your team members might be scattered around the globe, but with a few clicks, they can all be in the same room together. Having a constructive and engaging meeting or a fun, after-work event. Spontaneous, fun and easy: just like the Metaverse promises.

Get used to the Metaverse today

As Facebook (and undoubtedly other tech giants) are going to explore the Metaverse, it’s only a matter of time before mainstream adoption will take place. So in order to get acquainted with the concept, why not start today and be ahead of the curve!

XUVER allows you to create a Metaverse-like experience that is truly multifunctional. Engage your audience like never before, in your own virtual space. Share content, links and live stream videos and video calls. This is truly what the web was about: a virtual space for us all to use.

Experience what it’s like to plug into the Metaverse

You can start experiencing what it’s like to meet your audience in a virtual meeting space today.In order to best explain XUVER and its many benefits to you, we would like to invite you to a free, 30-minute demo in which we will focus on you.

How would you like to use XUVER and create be ahead of the curve by already creating a Metaverse like experience for your audience? By clicking on the button below, you can book your free demo today.