Sustainability in architecture is becoming more prevalent than ever. Governments and architecture firms around the world see the need for building more sustainably. Fortunately, developments are quick and this creates some great examples of sustainable buildings. Have a look at these 5 incredible sustainable design examples that are built for the ages! 

The Bird’s nest (Beijing National stadium)

The bird's mest - Sustainable design examples

Originally built for the 2008 Olympics, this stadium in the shape of a (surprise!) bird’s nest is a great example of sustainability. The stadium has great natural cooling features that make it not necessary to use air conditioning.

The stadium itself also uses solar power and collects rainwater. Another aspect of sustainability can be found in its multiple uses. From beauty pageants to football games: everything is possible in this multi-purpose building. The next time you will see this beautiful stadium in all it’s glory will be during the 2022 Summer Olympics.

The Bank of America Tower (New York)

The Bank of America Tower - sustainable materials

This 55-storey building was completed in 2009 and forms the third-largest building in New York City. The Bank Of America Tower can be called a pinnacle of sustainability; that’s why it is next in our list of sustainable design examples. The isolating glass keeps heat inside the building, while energy-efficient LED-lights illuminate only when there is not enough daylight.

The tower was built using recycled and reusable materials and it has a greywater system, that collects and uses rainwater. But perhaps the most interesting and impressive feature of it all is that this building filters the air coming in, and when this air is released again, it is actually cleaner than the city air. 

Vancouver Convention Centre West (Vancouver, Canada)

Vancouver convention centre - sustainable materials

Back in 2010, this building became the first LEED Platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified convention center in the world. This building boasts the largest living roof in the world, containing over 400,000 plants! All wastewater is reclaimed and recycled to be used in the building and irrigate the roof. Another cool feature is that the roof features 60,000 bees that provide honey for the convention centre’s restaurant. 

One Central Park (Sydney, Australia)

One central park - example of sustainab;e architecture
[©(c)Roland Halbe; Veroeffentlichung nur gegen Honorar, Urhebervermerk und Beleg / Copyrightpermission required for reproduction, Photocredit: Roland Halbe]

This massive apartment building in the middle of Sydney was named the best tall building in the world in 2014 by The Guardian, and that’s for a reason. This apartment tower creates a vertical green oasis in this huge metropolis which features over 383 different species of plants. Very impressive indeed! 

Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew (Sisaket, Thailand)

The main building at Wat Pa Maha Chedio Kaew, more commonly know as “The Million Bottle Temple” or “Wat Lan Kuad” in Thai. This Buddhist temple about 300 miles from Bangkok is decorated with more than a million recycled bottles.

And for our last one of the 5 sustainable design examples something completely different. This Thai temple isn’t all too special, nor hypermodern, at first glance. But it’s sustainable in it’s own way. Having a closer look reveals the building material: over 1 million empty beer bottles. The result is actually quite stunning. Cheers! 

More sustainable design examples to be built?

So for the future, sustainable design is a key feature in building new architectural buildings and therefore more and more of these will be built. So it is likely that there will be more sustainable design examples in years to come. Innovations go quick and the demand is high. 

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