Xuver has developed a one-of-a-kind tool that will change the way you show your designs. As a Sketchup designer, it is always a great feeling when a design is finished. With our viewer, it is easier than ever to show your designs to anyone who would like to see them. Allow clients to walk around inside your own model.

A Sketchup online viewer made for interaction

While walking inside your own model is already a thrilling experience, the real fun starts when you start inviting others to join you inside; simply send a secure HTML link to their email inside your profile from here they are able to easily join you inside the 3D environment.

Anyplace, anytime anywhere

Everyone can do this anytime they like and from their own location. A three-dimensional walk-through of your model can be arranged with several others. Walk, talk and point out everything they need to know and more. With Xuver, you can update everyone without them needing to leave their own location.

Bring your Sketchup design to life

Whether you design ships, houses, industrial plants or fantasy objects: this in-browser viewer will make the journey through the modelling process (and that of your clients) significantly easier! This blog tells you all about the many interactive functions of this multi-user tool. Xuver is informative, easy and fun to use!

An Sketchup online viewer that is a true multi-user experience

So what exactly is so special about this viewer? What makes Xuver a one-of-a-kind tool is that it provides a true multi-user experience. Everyone involved is invited into the model and walk around in it in only minutes. The interface of Xuver has been designed in such a way that everyone can use it without any special training required. Everyone involved just uses the familiar keyboard functions to navigate their avatar through the model. That’s true: you can actually walk in and out of your models with a 3D figure. Everyone inside the model can use the in-built voice module to communicate.

Your Sketchup model becomes a 3D world

As a Sketchup designer, we understand that you want your creations to look as you intended them to. In our viewer, you can easily upload your own files. Convert your design rapidly into a .XR file – a format specifically created by Xuver – with our free SketchUp plugin. Upload the converted file in the Backend System as a new project, set the avatar position and within minutes you can freely walk in and around your very own model. Your Sketchup model becomes a 3D world.

Communicating inside the Sketchup online viewer

Projects come in all shapes and sizes. Large, small, complicated or simple. But no matter the size or complexity of the job: communication is always key. And that is exactly why our viewer is an excellent tool to keep communication smooth and clear. Furthermore, we added a voice module inside the viewer, which simply works through the microphone on your device. With this added function, everyone involved can speak in real-time. Viewing and checking out a design with your clients was never this easy.

Interactivity and user-friendliness combined

Two other key points of Xuver are its high interactivity and outstanding user-friendliness. The latter mainly comes forward in an easy interface and accessibility for the client. However, for the professional architect, 3D designer, real estate broker, asset manager or the like, Xuver is a breeze to use. To use the viewer, simply download one of our free converters or plugins -depending on the file format that you use. The converters or plugins are necessary to turn your file into a Xuver (.xr) file, which can be uploaded into our Backend system.

A Sketchup online viewer that works for you

Both high interactivity and ultimate user-friendliness are combined in this tool, and that benefits everyone involved in the process. Your Sketchup designs will truly come to life. Everyone who walks through the models can experience space and dimensions of the project like never before. There are also other added interactive features to clarify your design. You can use the laser pointer to show everyone involved the details of your design. In combination with the voice module, these communication methods make sure everyone inside the model gets a clear overview.

The future of visualization

With Xuver, you are entering the future of visualization. For the first time, this tool makes it possible to walk through your designs inside your own browser. We developed this tool with convenience, speed, quality and user-friendliness as top priorities. In that sense, there is no training required to use Xuver, so everyone can navigate the avatar through the model right away. The future of visualization is at your doorstep!