An ever globalizing and online world also creates new opportunities for 3D designers and architects. It’s easier than ever to attract new clients from across the globe. Using the right online tools can give global architects an advantage to the competition. With Xuver, you can make all your designs available as a virtual walk-through model for both existing clients and prospects, wherever in the world, they may be. 

Communicate through interactive visualization

So your clients are on the other side of the world and they require an update on the 3D designing progress? With Xuver, you can show your modelling progress by making your designs available online. After doing so, you send your clients the browser link and they will be able to walk around inside your 3D model, with their own 3D figure, the avatar. While doing so, you use the voice module to talk your clients through the details of the model. 

An interactive portfolio that attracts new clients

Choosing Xuver as your online platform to keep your clients updated will provide them with the information they need in order to imagine your design. But Xuver is not only useful for existing clients around the globe: this online platform can also be used as an interactive portfolio tool to attract new clients. Instead of sending the link to your clients, you can also embed the link on the portfolio page of your website. A visitor to your website who is interested in your previous work can now experience your designs in the same way a client would.

Interactive Features 

In addition to the voice module, Xuver has added more features that will make it easier to explain your designs to clients and interested parties anywhere in the world. Some of these features are:

  • The laser pointer; used to point at anything that requires extra attention
  • Highlight objects; click on objects to highlight them and bring them under the attention of everyone inside the model
  • Show and hide layers; By showing and hiding different layers in your model hidden aspects will become visible
  • The layer function can also be used to try out different scenarios: different sized windows? Not sure if there will be a bar or an open kitchen? Try it out and ask your clients what they prefer!
  • Cross-section cuts; show your design from all angles, unhindered by walls or ceilings being in the way

Take on your first clients from across the globe today!

Working as a global architect is exciting and opens up new, interesting design challenges. With Xuver, you have the right platform to keep your clients from across the globe as well as the ones nearby updated on your modelling progress. You can start today by subscribing to our two-week free trial and start inviting your international clients today. Xuver can work with SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD and IFC files as source files.