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The Xuver viewer is an ideal rvt viewer

An example of Xuver. (showmodel, created in Revit)

Xuver is specialized in revolutionary visualization solutions. With our online viewer we are entering a whole new world. This revolutionary viewer can be used from within your own browser and can easily be used as an rvt viewer. Bring all your Revit sketches to life in a beautiful manner.

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Our viewer in a nutshell

For a long time, it was impossible to view a model or sketch in 3D without first downloading heavy software. Those days are gone now. With our versatile online viewer, it is possible to view beautiful 3D models directly from within your browser.

You can view your 3D model with multiple people, which makes meeting to discuss the building process very easy. With this tool, no one has to leave their spot to engage in a construction meeting, but everyone does this from the comforts of their own office and browser. The viewer was created with a broad group of professionals, contractors and clients in mind.

Using the viewer as an rvt viewer

rvt viewer

And especially the building sector is familiar with the drawing program Autodesk Revit. Logically, we at Xuver have made this program compatible with our interactive viewer. Therefore, this viewer can also be used as an rvt viewer.

But how does that work? By downloading our free plugin, which enables a direct conversion of each sketch. After this, you upload the converted Xuver (.xr) file into the Xuver Backend platform. After just moments you will see a beautiful visualization. The 3D version of your model can now be viewed in your own browser.

The advantages of the rvt viewer

But what exactly are the advantages of this rvt viewer? With this viewer, you are using an incredibly versatile tool. Because of its unprecedented user friendliness, the viewer can be used immediately by everyone. No extra training is required. Furthermore, the three-dimensional model can easily be shared.

You can send the secured link to customers, contractors or other involved parties. They can see the model straight away.  Another great aspect is that you can walk through the model with others. An added speech module makes it possible to discuss every detail.

Another handy feature is the laser pointer. This tool enables you to point out details and points of interest in the model. Lastly, it is possible to remove or re-add layers in the model. All of this makes for an incredible viewing experience that clarifies and will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Did we grab your curiosity?

The aforementioned are only a small grasp from the many possibilities that this rvt viewer offers. Would you like to know more? In that case we would like to get in touch. Our team of visualization experts would like to give you a personal demonstration that points out all further aspects and functionalities of this viewer in more detail. Please reach out to us and we will answer all your questions.

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