Keeping your clients informed about the modelling process is often a logistical challenge. Meetings have to be scheduled well in advance in order to correspond with busy schedules. For you, the architect that means lots of traveling and working late hours. Is there a way to reduce these traveling times while keeping communication efficient? In this blog, we will tell you how to do this.

Maintain your high communication standards

In every project, communication with your client is key. Whether you’re designing houses, apartment blocks or a new train station: your client rightfully wants to know what is happening. So the last thing you would want is to lower your high communication standard. By using Xuver, you will have an online platform that you can use to show your 3D design to all your clients, without the need for anyone to travel even an inch.

No downloads and quick answers

So by using Xuver, you can upload your 3D design that was made in SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Revit or IFC and turn it into an interactive 3D model that can be visited inside your browser. No downloads are needed and after uploading your 3D model, you can start inviting your clients by sending them the browser link.

Would you like to quickly show them the modelling progress on their new villa? Invite them into the model and walk around inside it with a 3D figure, the avatar. The avatar adds space and dimension as if it were a viewing in real life.

Different layers, different choices

Perhaps you just need some quick answers on your design choices when you are creating a new sports stadium? Meet with your contractors on the field and show them what different styles of stadium roofs can be used. This can be done with the layer feature in Xuver: an option to show and hide different layers, as well as using these to create different scenarios for your client to choose from.

Travel 50% less

Using Xuver when showing your design to your clients will not only provide them with a great view of overall progress and realistic expectations, it will also largely eliminate the need to travel to your clients. According to current Xuver users, you can travel about 50% less when you choose to use Xuver to explain your designs. This saves you and your clients considerable time, while you’re communicating more efficiently.

Start using Xuver

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