Sometimes it seems like the only thing we do in our professional lives, is going from one online video chat to the next. All too often, these are not the most inspiring gatherings. With XUVER, you can turn your next online video chat into a fully custom 3D experience that will engage and inspire your audience.

So how do you achieve this? The easiest way would be to meet physically, in an engaging and inspiring brainstorm session where everyone can have their input. But in a global economy, where teams are scattered around the world, this is not always possible. So in order to make your team members feel valued, you can use a little bit more than just your average online video chat platform, avoiding Zoom fatigue as much as possible.

Meet your audience inside an inspiring virtual environment

With XUVER, you take the engagement, valuation and creative flow from a real-life meeting to the online world. Meet your team members inside an inspiring virtual meeting space, that can be completely custom-designed or customized from an existing model. Add your company logos and branding to the design to make it truly yours, and you’re ready to go.

After setting up the virtual meeting space, it’s time to invite your team members, simply by sending them the link. Before accessing the design, your team members select an avatar from a wide variety of different 3D figures. After this, the virtual meeting can begin!

Use online video chat in the most engaging way possible

Once every avatar is inside, the virtual meeting can begin. For this, you can use online video chat just as easy as with your familiar video chat app. The difference is that XUVER goes far beyond your average online video chat app. By creating an engaging virtual meeting space, XUVER brings real-life meetings to the online sphere.

So go ahead: have that online video chat with your colleagues and discuss progress or goals that lie ahead in a spontaneous and fun manner. Make everyone feel valued as if they were standing in front of you. You can also share your screen on one of the big screens inside the virtual meeting space. Show a breakdown of goals, or play an inspiring video to get the creative juices flowing.

Using XUVER for your audience

XUVER goes far beyond what your average online video chat app can do. That also means that there are countless scenarios you can think of in which XUVER can be used to achieve true engagement for teams, clients audiences… you name it!

So in order to best explain XUVER and its many benefits to you, we would like to invite you to a free, 30-minute demo in which we will focus on you. How would you like to use XUVER and create maximum engagement, valuation and communication with your audience? By clicking on the button below, you can book your free demo today.