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For many of your clients, your construction drawings are like the Chinese language. For you it’s easy, but for your clients, it is hard to take a technical drawing and visualize it in their minds into a complete visualization. So what is the best way to explain something to your clients that makes them truly understand what is going on? One way to make your architectural concepts easier to understand is by using visualization technology.  

What’s in this article?

  1. Why use visualization technology?
  2. Save time and money
  3. Engage your clients in the designing process

1. Why use visualization technology?

As you undoubtedly know, presenting your designs in a comprehensible way is often a challenge, as most clients aren’t at all familiar with drawing programs and they still want to understand your construction drawings. Therefore it is useful to create a way to make your clients get a feel of what you’re designing. By using visualization, you can create a three-dimensional model that is easy to understand for your clients, as they can see it right in front of them.  

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2. Save time and money  

In order to talk to your client, you would normally meet them in person, which takes both time to arrange a proper meetup and to travel back and forth. If you make your construction drawings available for them online and meet your clients inside the 3D model, approval times will surely be reduced. Simply ask your client to meet you inside the browser model, send them a link and show them what they need to see.  

3. Engage your clients in the designing process.  

Xuver is such a platform: you can turn your architectural drawings into a visualization and invite your clients inside. After clicking on the browser link to your online 3D model, your clients will turn up with their very own 3D figure, the avatar. This avatar is easily navigable and adds a sense of space and dimensions to the model, which will make sure that every client is able to understand clearly what you’ve designed for them. While showing your clients around inside the model, you can communicate with them by using the built-in voice module that works through your microphone.  

Try it yourself

With this approach, it’s easier than ever to make your clients understand your construction drawings. Simply because it’s much easier for them to get a true image in their head of the design. And besides the major convenience factor, it’s also an engaging and interactive way of viewing your designs together with your clients. So do yourself (and your clients) a big favor and start using Xuver today for all your 3D projects. Use the button below to try out Xuver 14 days for free. 

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