Use the Xuver viewer as a Revit viewer - Xuver

Are you looking for a Revit viewer that visualizes all your Revit sketches in an unprecedentedly spectacular way? Xuver has the solution for you. We developed a viewer that works from within the browser and that can convert all your Revit files into a spectacular 3D visualization. This visualization is also multi-user, which means that the model can be viewed with more than one person at the same time.

The target audience of this Revit viewer

Autodesk Revit is one of the most widely-used BIM modeling programs in the market, therefore it probably does not need an extensive introduction. Another thing that might be known to you as a professional, is that explaining your Revit designs often requires quite a bit of patience. For a professional (architect/designer) a technical drawing is crystal clear. However, your clients have a bit of a harder time understanding. Not everyone has the technical knowledge. Knowledge that is required to translate a blueprint into a visual image of the soon-to-be-constructed object. With the Xuver viewer, that can be used as a Revit viewer, there is now a solution.

How does our viewer work?

With modest pride we present you our viewer. This viewer is based on the newest web technology and runs entirely from your browser. Gone are the days when you first needed to download heavy and often costly software in order to view a 3D design. Walk your clients through a building point out all aspects that require extra attention by using the laser pointer. You can discuss everything with all the other attendants in the model by using the built-in speaking module. This can all be done from the comforts of your own office or home. Which will save you time. Everyone who has the HTML link is able to view the design from each possible angle and perspective. In this manner all parties involved can see what is meant with the design.

A versatile Revit viewer

At Xuver we dare to state that we have developed a very versatile viewer, which truly brings your Revit sketches to life. Your client will surely appreciate the extra service that this viewer offers, which puts you in a great light as a professional. Surprise yourself with all the features and the unprecedented user-friendliness. No extra training is required, everyone can use the viewer right away.

What can we do for you?

Can we do something for you? Of course you may always reach out to us for more information about this unique viewer. This viewer will bring all your Revit files to life. Our team will gladly answer all your additional questions. Or start your free trial period right away, by clicking on the free trial button below.