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The less you show to the client, the more you have to explain’ 

How architect firm ArchitectDirect uses XUVER to involve clients in the design process 

Architect firm ArchitectDirect from Breda, The Netherlands is specialized in creating architectural designs for the private market. A renovation or addition to your house? No problem; Owner Nick Matulessy and his team can create a professional and affordable architectural design for you.  

Matulessy is a big advocate of using visualization to smoothen out design processes and finding new ways to make their clients understand technical drawings easily. To achieve this, the ArchitectDirect team uses XUVER. In this article, Matulessy explains from his own experiences how XUVER helps him to improve communication and feedback. 

Making architecture available to anyone 

One of the main company goals of ArchitectDirect is making architecture available to anyone. Nick Matulessy explains how using XUVER helps Architectdirect.nl to achieve this. “One way to make this happen is to make great architecture affordable by making your processes as smooth as possible. A great advantage of using XUVER is that clients understand projects much better, which saves considerable time in explaining. A nice side-effect of the client understanding a project faster, is that we get to a finalized design much quicker. Those two results enable us to reach maximum client satisfaction for an affordable price.”  

‘It’s hard to explain a design in words alone. An interactive visualization that allows client and architect to walk through the design, is the ultimate solution.’ – Nick Matulessy, ArchitectDirect 

Like most architect firms, ArchitectDirect struggled with explaining technical designs to clients. Or, as Matullessy sketches the situation from his experience: “It’s quite hard to explain a design of a building in words alone. Using 3D visualizations already does a better job. But an interactive visualization by XUVER, that allows the client and architect to walk through a design is, –in my opinion- the ultimate solution. It offers the possibility to thoroughly check everything with the client.”  

Involving the client into the process 

However, there is another aspect that makes using XUVER a must for the modern architect firm: an increased desire from the client to be more involved in the designing process: “Some clients are fine with giving the architect full control”, says Matulessy, “Others are more skeptical by nature and have a desire to be in control themselves. The less you show to the client, the more you need to explain in a discussion that can take long. Walking through the design together eliminates the need for long discussions because the client actually understands what we mean.”  

‘Walking through the design together eliminates long discussions’  

As an example from his daily practice, he recalls a situation he recently experienced with a client. “We were designing a new house for a client in the south of The Netherlands, and with this particular design we were dealing with a very specific, monumental wood roof construction that was placed amongst a great amount of smaller rooms in the house. By walking through the house in XUVER, the client could easily see the actual size of the roof rafters in contrast with the spaces, because the avatar (3D figure that XUVER uses to navigate through the designs) adds a sense of space to the design. Explaining this fairly complicated design became an absolute breeze.”  

Improved feedback and project efficiency 

The power of interactive visualization lies firstly in the way that this technology is being used to explain designs to clients who have little to no technical knowledge. But for Nick Matulessy and his team there are more advantages in using XUVER: “It becomes more attractive to plan more feedback rounds, or to plan those rounds quicker after each other. The client understanding the design greatly improves the quality of feedback. Doing more rounds of feedback has a positive impact on project efficiency and results in a happy and informed client. All of this together eventually reduces the time it takes to get to a finalized design.”  

As XUVER requires no software installations or downloads, the platform is also very accessible to clients. A design is made available simply by sending an URL link to the client. This user-friendliness, in combination with the client understanding a project better, eventually results in time savings for Nick and his team: “Using XUVER helps us agree on a finalized design faster. Since we started using XUVER, we save on average 30 percent in time per project. That means we can take on more projects and make more clients happy with a professional architectural design for their home.” 

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