Are you looking for an Revit model viewer? Xuver has developed a unique tool which enables you to visualize all your Revit sketches directly in your browser, in an unprecedented manner. Read how it works below or try it out for yourself with no obligations.

A versatile Revit model viewer

By using Xuver viewer as revit model viewer you now have access to a handy tool that can be used by anyone, including your clients. As you are probably aware, Autodesk Revit is a program that requires quite a bit of expertise and know-how. Not everyone can use it and it takes time to understand it’s intricacies, this doesn’t bode too well with clients and although you might understand it perfectly well your clients may not.

Renders are the alternative option, but as you know, this takes time, effort and money. With our Revit model viewer you can convert your revit designs into a totally interactive experience for you and your client… and it’s very easy to use. The design becomes clear for you as well as your clients and communication becomes faster and more clear. This special viewer gives you and your client the capability of immersing yourself inside the design and understanding space, dimension and feel.

revit model viewer
Provided by: Balkan Architect

Interactive and easily shareable Revit viewer

multi-user revit model viewerThis viewer enables every participant to view the model from their own browser and their own location. In addition to that, the model is easily shareable through a secure HTML-link. Everyone involved can walk through the design at their own initiative. Furthermore, a lot of features were added to enable a high level of interactivity. You can point out objects and highlight them, or remove (and later re-add) different layers in the design. All of this makes this Autodesk Revit viewer a perfect tool that distinguishes itself in the fields of interactivity and user-friendliness. Especially this last aspect is important. In order to use this viewer, there is no special training required. Literally, everyone can use this versatile viewer.

An Autodesk Revit viewer for everyone

And by everyone, we do mean everyone. For Xuver’s Autodesk Revit viewer we made sure that the interface is as simple as possible, and the avatar can be navigated easily through the 3D model. The high levels of interactivity make it an excellent tool to update clients and stakeholders that do not possess the most extensive technical know-how. For those people, it becomes easy to visualize what is yet to be built. But Xuver is also useful for others. Below you can find a breakdown of some -not nearly all- uses of the viewer.

  • The architect and his/her colleagues
    First of all, Xuver can be used to view a design together with others on the work floor or remotely (from different offices/floors). Walkthrough your design with colleagues and get valuable feedback. Potential flaws in the design will become visible too.
  • The architect and clients
    Xuver’s highly interactive Autodesk Revit viewer can be used to show your clients your design. It is as simple as uploading your converted file and sending out the browser link to your client. They will now be able to access the model from their own location and view it together with you.
  • The client and friends/family/other interested parties
    Another interesting -and fun- aspect of Xuver is that you can allow your client to share the interactive 3D model with family, friends or simply anyone who is interested. This will enable them to show their new home to everyone who is interested. Your client will definitely appreciate this extra form of communication!

Fast and easy conversion into the Autodesk Revit viewer

And then there is the unrivalled ease with which all your Autodesk Revit files can quickly be converted into a beautiful, interactive 3D model. For Revit, we have developed a free plugin that enables this. This plugin can be downloaded through our website. After downloading the plugin you can follow the steps and convert your Revit-files in no-time into a Xuver (.xr)- file. After this, simply log into the Xuver Backend platform and upload the file here. Within moments, the 3D model can be viewed within the viewer.

Let us convince you about our Revit model viewer

Perhaps this article has sparked your curiosity, and you would like to hear more about his unique viewer, which can also be used as your interactive Autodesk Revit viewer. If that is the case we would like to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact us for a personal demonstration that truly shows the unrivalled user-friendliness of this viewer for you as a professional. Hopefully, we will see you soon.