Using a video chat app to meet with colleagues or clients online has quickly become commonplace. But does it really create the kind of social engagement that you strive for? With XUVER, you meet your audience in an interactive virtual space that is completely fitted to your company’s needs and branding.

XUVER starts where the average video chat app stops. In order to achieve maximum engagement, it’s essential to actually involve all participants, just as you would during a meeting in real life. By meeting inside a virtual space, you immediately inspire and engage your audience, while you can use interactive features to ensure attention is retained.

Create spontaneous meetings and include Video chatting, screen sharing and link attachment

What makes XUVER different from the video chat app that you are using currently, is that it allows all participants to meet inside the virtual space. All participants have their own 3D avatar, which creates an experience that will involve everyone just like you would in a face-to-face conversation.

This interactive 3D environment can be based on a custom design created in the file formats of SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Revit or IFC. In case you don’t have a file yet, we can create one for you. Another option is to base your virtual space upon a ready-made design that you can customize according to your company’s colours and branding.

Meet your audience online

After doing this, you can start inviting your audience into the virtual space. Since XUVER works completely online, this is done easily by sending a link to everyone. After selecting their personal avatar, they will enter the virtual space without the need for any complicated installations or extra software.

This ease-of-use allows for ultimate flexibility and spontaneous meetings. From a quick catchup with your audience, to an online webinar or multiple day event: anything is possible and can be arranged within moments.

More than a video chat app

Inside, everyone will meet in the inspiring virtual space that can be pretty much anything. Do you want a stadium or an auditorium? Or would you rather go for a design that resembles your offices? Whatever style you prefer, it can be done easily in XUVER, as long as there is a file available.

Share ideas on a big screen

Above the avatars, you can access a small screen that allows you to video chat wit all participants. Furthermore, you can share your screen with everyone in a very special way: in XUVER, you show them a video or presentation on a big screen inside the virtual space. It’s also possible to attach useful links to objects inside the space, so you can provide more information to your audience.

Many different ways to use XUVER

Besides being more engaging and interactive than your average video chat app, XUVER also has many more uses, depending on the specific user’s needs. The use of avatars makes an event in XUVER more lively, which will engage your audience from beginning to end. Some of these uses include:

  • Online lectures, inspirational talks or presentations
    Meeting your audience online can be just as easy as doing this in the ‘real world’, and with XUVER you are able to create an inspiring auditorium or lecture hall that will suit your needs.
  • Online marketing and events
    You can also use XUVER to organize online marketing and events. All participants can walk around inside a virtual event hall and talk to stand holders via the built-in video chat app.
  • Retail and sales
    Is your company selling a product or service? XUVER can be used as your virtual retail market place, allowing you to sell your products online, while giving your audience the same experience as strolling into your physical shop. By using the link attachment feature, clients can be led directly to a sales page, where they can find more info and purchase items.

Would you like to learn more?

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