In any organisation, great, engaging communication is essential to achieve smooth progress or keep your audience easily updated. In our digital age, video chat is a much-used medium for this. But what if you could take your live meetings to the next level? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could bring the essence and dynamics of a face-to-face meeting to the digital space?

With XUVER, you can do this and much, much more. Meet patrons, stakeholders or colleagues in your very own custom virtual space. Easily accessible in the browser for everyone, with no downloads or installation required. Video chat is just where XUVER starts: let your audience access the virtual space easily by clicking on a link or using the XUVER app and choosing one of the many avatars.

Video chat, URL sharing and ultimate engagement

The virtual space is easily navigable with these avatars, and can involve as many participants as necessary, from anywhere in the world. Getting everyone together inside the same room was never this easy. From a spontaneous gathering, to webinars or lectures: anything is possible. Atop the avatars, a small video screen that allows for live video chat can be activated.

A fully customizable virtual space

Having a meeting in XUVER allows for an engaging experience that goes far beyond video chatting. The XUVER virtual space is highly customizable; any design made in Revit, Archicad or SketchUp can be used as a meeting spot. In case you don’t have a file ready-made, we can assist you in creating one.

Your virtual space can closely resemble your offices, or it can have a unique style that will leave all the visitors to the space in awe: a stadium, auditorium or virtual warehouse for all your products are just some of the possibilities.

Using this virtual meeting platform is easy, fun and much more engaging than a webinar that merely includes video chat. Inside, you can wall around with the avatars while you use video chat. Or you can attach URLs that link to more information, or a page where your clients can buy your products.

How it works

With XUVER, you can create an easily accessible virtual space that serves many purposes. Anyone with an internet connection can join you and be involved in an engaging, informative and fun meetup. A few other key points of XUVER are listed below:

  • XUVER works 100% browser based, so there are no software installations required to access the virtual space
  • Your virtual space can be created and accessed in as little as one minute: Share the link and go! Spontanious meetings can be arranged in moments.
  • The virtual space is fully customizable, and can be decorated with the logos and colors of your brand
  • XUVER is embeddable on any website by using iFrame
  • Inside the space, you can attach URL links to objects, accompanied by a brief description.

Stimulate meaningful engagements in a digital setting

As human beings, we want to feel involved and socially engaged. In our digital era, this can be achieved in a number of different ways, video chat being one of them. XUVER combines different technologies that are helpful to stimulate social engagement and brings these together in one easily accessible platform.

A multi-purpose online space

This digital meeting space can serve many forms and purposes. Besides being used as a tool to conduct meetings, you can use XUVER as a virtual auditorium to give lectures, or a fully online retail space in which you build a relationship with your audience and inform them about your products by using the video chat while sharing links and extra information. The avatars give it a ‘real-life’ experience, which psychologists have proven to be much more engaging than a Zoom call.

Make it happen today!

Would you like to learn more about how you can truly engage your audience in a virtual space? Let’s meet inside XUVER and book a free online demo. In only 30 minutes we will explain how you can use XUVER, specifically fine-tuned to suit all needs of you and your audience. Click on the button below to book your demo and learn more about the engaging world of XUVER.