If you’re working with employees, clients and stakeholders in many different locations, it can be hard to get your whole team in the same room for a meeting. However, this matter can be easily solved by using your very own virtual office. With XUVER as your digital office platform, this is easier -and much more engaging- than you may think.

Create your virtual office in no-time

By now, your employees or clients should be familiar with using digital solutions to meet by now. XUVER completes online communication by bringing real-life engagement to the digital space. When you’re using XUVER, you can tell your audience: “step inside my virtual office”.

However, by now, your audience is also experiencing so-called Zoom fatigue. In order to tackle this phenomenon, XUVER has come up with an engaging way to meet your audience online. In your very own virtual office, you will meet all participants using their own avatar. According to psychologists, using a virtual space creates an engaging environment that will stimulate inspiration and new ideas much more than a simple Zoom call would.

How it works

Getting your virtual office up and running with XUVER is very easy. You can use any design that was made in SketchUp, Revit, Archicad or IFC file formats. Besides that, you can choose a ready-made design that can be customized according to your company colors and branding. A third option is to have design for your virtual office created by XUVER, so it perfectly resembles your brand.

Meeting your audience inside your virtual office

After creating your very own virtual office, it’s time to invite people to meet inside. XUVER works completely inside the browser, which makes it very easy for everyone to enter your virtual office. Simply send out the link to all participants and wait for them inside the virtual space that is completely customized according to your brand. Your audience will be walking around inside with their own avatar, an experience that will encourage social engagement just like a real-time meeting would.

The options inside your virtual office

Once everybody has assembled together, it’s time to get the meeting started. In XUVER, you have several options to do this:

  • Video chatting
    Above the avatars, you can video chat using audio and video, just like you would in a video chatting application.
  • Screensharing
    This can also be done inside XUVER in a very special way: you can display your screen inside your virtual space, giving your audience an online auditorium experience. Show all your presentation slides or videos directly to your audience.
  • Create engagement through meaningful online interaction
    XUVER has many benefits, from a virtual office to hosting online events or lectures inside a virtual space. The number of avatars inside is infinite, which makes XUVER also suitable to use for bigger audiences.
  • Attach links to objects
    Inside XUVER, links that provide more information can be added to objects inside the virtual office. This feature will keep everyone informed, but it can even be used to link clients through to a sales or product page.

Easily accessible for everyone involved

As XUVER doesn’t need any installations or special software to run, accessing the virtual office is easy for everyone with an internet connection. This makes XUVER an accessible tool that can be used for all audiences and from anywhere in the world.

Explore the options for your company

At XUVER, we understand that every company has different needs and requirements. Would you like to learn more about how you can use XUVER to suit your brand’s specific needs? Use the button below to book a free 30 minute demo to meet us inside XUVER, in which we will explain everything according to your needs.