Virtual Office

Are you losing the connection with and between your employees or team?

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Improving online engagement within teams and departments

Improve social connections

Bring the communication between you and your colleagues to a whole new level in the virtual offices of XUVER. Virtual social connections have never been this enjoyable. XUVER is quick, easy, and can save you a lot of time.

24/7 Access

XUVER is accessible 24/7, on any device. With many people working from home, this is incredibly valuable. You can always contact people in your organization in an interactive way. Internal communication was never this easy.

Work together

The true power of XUVER lies in its unique collaboration system. The virtual offices allow you to walk around inside a model with multiple people and communicate in real time. Through the built-in audio model you can even talk to other visitors.

Easy start

The XUVER tool is fully accessible from an internet browser. There is no need to buy and install expensive software. A simple visit and registration on our website is enough to get you started.

Virtual Office

Want to increase online employee engagement, but don’t know where to start?

Our support team shows you, without any obligations, how you can collaborate with your employees in your own virtual office.

Communicate directly and from any location

With XUVER you keep your colleagues informed in an easy and quick fashion: from any place, at any moment and on any device. The only thing needed is an internet connection. Communicate directly and invite your staff inside your 3D Virtual Office today.