Virtual reality a lifelike viewing experience

Virtual reality a lifelike viewing experience. Virtual reality as a concept is not new at all. The term has been around since the eighties and stands for the creation of a virtual reality in which the viewer gets submerged. At Xuver we understand the importance of virtual reality and we use the newest methods in order to apply this interesting technique as optimally as possible. The times that virtual reality was only reserved for cinemas and 3D-glasses are long gone. This technique can be used in a great variety of ways.

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How virtual reality can be of service to you or your company.

Maybe you have already noticed this before: a new building project or plan has to be presented, but as soon as the client sees the drawings, it becomes very hard to explain. This is a common struggle, and by all means understandable. In all likelihood, your client does not possess the professional and technical insight to truly understand a technical drawing or building plan, and translate that into a clear picture. To solve this matter, you can use 3D visualisation software. For example: you can give your client a virtual tour through the building project, after which they get a more complete image of the end result. In this way you are offering an extra service which your client will definitely appreciate, but at the same time shows your work in the clearest and best way possible. This service will for sure be appreciated, which on its own will improve communication between you and your clients.

Virtual reality without downloads.

At Xuver we are always aware of the newest techniques in the world of 3D visualisation, the latest software and virtual reality developments. Are you curious in which way this can be of use to your company? Our experts will happily enlighten you on the many possibilities and applications. At Xuver we also developed a specialized viewer with which it is no longer necessary to download heavy software or plugins. With this innovative tool we can convert your existing models or drawings in a fast and easy manner into a virtual environment, after which you can let your clients discover the design in a very easy and interactive way. Your clients will find it useful to see a model from all different angles, but this technique also has advantages for you. You will acquire more insight in your own designs, simply because you can ‘walk’ through the design. Another defining aspect of this viewer is its userfriendliness. The viewer can be used on all common browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet explorer). All this makes it a very easy tool to use in presentations for your clients.

Virtual reality by Xuver.

At Xuver we are always ready to enlighten you on the possibilities for your company in applying virtual reality. Our extensive portfolio, high experience and an ambitious and creative team make it possible to provide every assignment.

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