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Virtual reality is a very versatile technique with many uses that has the potential to transform many different industries. One of the professional uses of VR techniques is real estate. In this article we will explore the benefits of virtual reality for real estate.

1. It saves you precious time

An important reason to use virtual reality for real estate is the fact that it will save you precious time. Where it would normally take two or three meetings to seal the deal with a potential new client, you can now do so in one single meeting by using virtual reality for real estate. Let your client put on a VR helmet and enjoy an immersive 3D tour of their future premise, which will give them a clear image of what the building will look like.

Homebuyers and realtors can literally visit new houses and apartments at any time, which will save you precious time. It’s no longer needed to travel from one property to another and sit in traffic jams.

2. Virtual reality for real estate will save you money

While virtual reality for real estate might seem like a big financial investment, it doesn’t have to be that way. For example: if you use Xuver as your Virtual reality for real estate platform, you use the 3D drawing files that architects and designers are already making. This easy method to create a digital walk-through version of an apartment or house for homeowners will eventually save you money as it will reduce the need to provide a lot of high-quality pictures and lots of print materials (especially for new properties).

3. Allow your clients to build an emotional connection with their property

Another great feature of virtual reality for real estate is that it actually enables (potential) homeowners to build an emotional connection with the property. Virtual reality takes over where pictures and videos end and provides an extra dimension to a property viewing.

So your client wants some time to decide whether they will buy the property? Excellent! Let them explore the premises in VR in their own time and involve family members and friends. By walking through the design, they will get a true feel of dimensions and space. Xuver works with an avatar, a 3D figure that can easily be navigated through the different rooms.

4. Sell globally with VR for real estate

Our world is more and more globalizing and foreign investors make up for a big chunk of the real estate market, especially in big cities. With virtual reality for real estate you can show an interested investor around without needing to fly them in. Give them a feel of the property and/or let them explore it further on their own with VR for real estate, such as Xuver. By doing so, you will increase your global reach and sell premises to clients worldwide.

5. Give your clients a sense of ownership

What does it take to make an interested party buy a property or sign a lease agreement? The final nudge towards sealing the deal can take some time. So why not give them the opportunity to use VR in this decision making process too? By allowing your clients to virtually visit the properties, they will develop a connection and sense of ownership . Seal the deal by providing this enhanced experience for your clients with Xuver!

Use Xuver for real estate

Xuver is the world’s first in-browser viewer that can also be used for virtual reality for real estate. Make your clients truly experience the premises before it’s even built. Xuver can be used without any additional downloads and the only thing that is needed is an internet connection. Start your free trial right away by clicking on the button below.

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