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Give your clients a virtual tour and help them experience your design

Making your clients truly understand a 3D model can be a difficult process. But what if you could make them truly experience your design as if it were already built? With Xuver, you can give everyone involved in the modelling process a virtual tour in their own web browser. That’s right: no need to download any extra software!

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A virtual tour inside the browser

What would be the best way to show a design to your clients? The answer to this question is simple: a viewing in real life works best. But if your design hasn’t been built yet, that is impossible. That’s where Xuver comes in. With Xuver, you can give your clients a virtual tour and show what is yet to be built. Everyone can walk around the model with their own 3D figure, the avatar.

Indeed: just like viewing in real life, except that everyone walks around in a virtual world which is accessed from their own web browser and location.

Communication during the virtual tour

And just as easy as in a real-life viewing, you can communicate with everyone inside the 3D model. Use the built-in voice model to answer and ask questions about the design.

You can also create different options for the client by changing different layers in the model. Does your client not like a pillar in the middle of the room? Hide it temporarily to show what it looks like without. Or does the kitchen need to be in a different part of the house and will two rooms be combined together as one? All these options can be shown to the client in Xuver so that they can form an opinion about different consequences and make a well thought out decision.

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Viewing your designs together

All these features combined make Xuver what it is: a multi-user viewing platform that works inside the web browser. You can do a virtual tour with as many people as you like. After signing up and uploading your first model you can send the browser link to your clients, after which they can meet you in the virtual model.

Xuver’s interface is designed in such a way that everyone can easily use the many features and navigate the avatar around without any training required.

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With Xuver you provide that extra bit of communication service that makes your clients truly understand your model and the consequences of small and large design choices. You can try it out and start by giving your first virtual Xuver tour today. Would you like to learn more about Xuver? Check out our website or sign up directly by following the button below.

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