Virtual world created with a visualization software

An example of Xuver. (showmodel, created in Revit)

Virtual world created with a visualization software

As of recently, the 3D visualization branch has been developing fast. Nowadays it is even possible to create a complete virtual world. But how does this work and what are the possibilities for your company? We will answer these questions in the article, and will also provide you with more insight in the role of Xuver in this.

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A virtual world within arm’s reach

You might think that this technique is a bit too far-fetched for your company, and perhaps you also think it will not cut your company’s budget. That does not have to be the case, since the in most recent years the 3D visualization technique has been developing very quick. A lot of things have been made possible in a short timespan and at Xuver we are always aware of these new developments. We also love to innovate by using the newest techniques in visualization. All this makes us experts in the last developments. We use this extensive knowledge to create a custom made experience for any company. We can do this for any budget, branch and a lot more. The result is a custom made virtual world for any company, within arm’s reach!

A virtual world created by Xuver

Xuver is a young company that calls all the segments of the visualization branch home. We keep striving to this high standard by innovating constantly. It does not have to be complicated to create a beautiful 3D visualization. With this philosophy we have connected our expertise in three-dimensional visualization to the common 3D drawing programs. You will simply create your designs in your trusted program, we will take care of the rest. The drawing will be loaded in our especially for this purpose developed viewer. In this manner your clients can already see a design, even before it has been built! You can even walk around in the digital model. This will leave a professional impression on your client.

The possibilities of a digital world

The attractive aspect of this viewer is that you can look at any model from different layers . Here you can see quickly where the possible correction points lie. Our young and ambitious team has a lot of experience in 3D visualization and would like to come into contact with you to see what te possibilities are. After seeing our large portfolio we can always provide you with fitting advice.

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