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Why all architects should be visual architects by now

As an architect, an important part of your job is to explain to your clients what it is exactly that you’re working on for them. Over the years, your client has become accustomed to visualization that will involve them and naturally expects this from you. Visual architects: the ones that use interactive visualization techniques, have a great advantage over the ones that don’t. In this article we will tell you why. 

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Your client wants to see more

Let’s put it this way. It’s 2019, your client has been around computer screens for a while now, and most likely spends as much time in front of a screen as you do. So as the familiarity with design and online visualization techniques is there, why are you not using it? Your rivals are already full-on visual architects by now, showing their 3D drawings as interactive visualizations and keeping their clients involved. The modern client wants to see more, and this is easier than you think.

Visual architects keep their clients involved…

So what is that, a visual architect? First of all, it could be said that visual architects keep their clients in the loop about their work. You will see that this involvement will go a long way and your client appreciates the gesture of seeing progress and having an opinion about certain design options. And that doesn’t have to be difficult at all. With an online 3D model viewer such as Xuver, you can lay out different options for your client to choose quickly from. Different colour of the interior walls? Or a whole other style roof? Add them as different layers in your model and ask your client for their quick opinion. 

…While they determine what the client sees

As we all know, the expectations of some clients can be quite unrealistic due to their lack of technical knowledge. So by using an online viewer that lays out a clear but limited amount of choices, you determine what is possible. This will shorten approval times and as this viewer works completely online, there is less need to travel to your client, so you will also save in traveling time. 

Visual architects show their designs to their clients, like this retail design project, visualized in Xuver
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Visual architects are smart architects

So there you have it: visual architects involve their clients, while keeping matters into their own hands. If you aren’t using interactive online visualization yet, now is the time to adopt. Your client expects you to be a visual architect,  so why aren’t you one yet? Maybe you think this technique is expensive or complicated, but that’s not the case at all. 

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Visual architects use Xuver

If you choose to use Xuver as your visual architecture platform that shows your 3D models online to your clients, you will be good to go within a matter of moments. Using Xuver is as simple as signing up online, using the converters for your 3D file format (SketchUp, Revit, ARCHICAD or .ifc) and uploading the converted file into the viewer. After moments, you will already have a interactive 3D model that you can use to show your clients around in. Invite your clients simply by sending them the link to the interactive online visualization. 

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