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Why it’s important to visualize your architectural models online

So you’re looking for a new way to visualize your architectural models, to better serve your client base. In order to do so, you may consider visualizing your architectural models online: a potentially easy and quick way to achieve client satisfaction. Let’s look at the possibilities and answer some questions that may arise. 

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Turn your architectural models into an experience for your client

It’s important to realize that your client has changed quite a bit over the last few decades. As technology advanced, your client has become aware of online possibilities. On the internet, everything is available within a few mouse clicks. To a certain degree, this has resulted in a client that wants to be involved in the modeling process and wants to keep updated. By making your architectural models available online you will not only be able to better explain your designs to your clients, it will also create an experience that your client won’t lightly forget. 

Why would you turn your architectural models into an online visualization? 

So from the one side, your client is fully aware of online possibilities and solutions. On the other hand however, explaining an architectural model straight from your designing program can be challenging, as they are normally not very skilled to read technical sketches and drawings very well. So in order to bridge that gap, architects and designers alike usually turn to 3D visualizations. However, sometimes you just want to show your architectural models quickly to get your client’s approval on a certain matter.

Show options to your client, while staying in control of the modeling 

Let’s say you’re an interior architect and you would like to show your client two different living room setups created in your designing program, to see what they like best. You could choose to create two time consuming 3D visualizations and send them to your client, waiting for approval (which can be even more time consuming). Alternatively, you can choose for online visualization, and send your client the link to go inside the 3D model. After everyone enters inside the 3D model from their own location, you will be able to show them the different options as layers one by one, after which they can make a decision. This all (and much more!) can be done by Xuver, the world’s first online 3D viewer for architectural models. 

So what’s Xuver? Let’s look at some specifics that make this viewer unique:

  • A completely online viewing platform for 3D models 
  • Access to your visualized architectural models online, no one has to leave their own location
  • Inside the model, everyone walks around with their own avatar, an easily navigable 3D figure
  • Live communication is possible through the added voice module
  • You and your clients walk through the 3D model as if it were a viewing in real life

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What’s needed to share my architectural models online? 

You might think this is all too complicated and need to go through many difficult steps in order to visualize your designs online in Xuver. None of that applies. Xuver doesn’t only have advantages for your client but it also has significant benefits for you, the architect. You simply convert the 3D files you already have (SketchUp, Revit, ARCHICAD or IFC) into a xuver (.xr) file, and upload that file into the platform. After a few moments, your architectural model is already turned into an interactive 3D visualization inside the browser.

This is how easy it can be to show your architectural models online in Xuver
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Walk around inside all your architectural models today

Inviting your clients inside the 3D model is as simple as sending them the browser link into the design. After clicking on the link, they can already enter the 3D version of your architectural model. Meeting your clients online has another significant advantage: it will save you time, as you don’t need to travel back and forth to your clients anymore. Sign up today and experience Xuver for yourself. 

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