Xuver can be used in all stages of the modelling process: from the sketch phase at the very beginning to the building phase in the later stages of the project. Showing your 3D design directly on site to the building company involved certainly has its advantages and is an excellent way of visualizing architecture.

Using Xuver on site enables you and the construction company to walk through the finished building, while in reality, it is still under construction. And that creates a great number of benefits. First of all, walking through the 3D model in Xuver makes it easy to view everything that’s needed without interrupting the construction workers. As we all know, building sites get hectic and noisy, so it might not be a very constructive meeting during working hours.

Visualizing architecture projects online

Especially when dealing with vast areas under development, such as a big new apartment tower that is going to be built, it’s just much easier to arrange an online viewing inside Xuver. You and the construction company can walk around in all peace and discuss all matters that arise during the building project. Are there any particular points of attention on the fifth floor of the tower that is coming up during the construction phase? Visit this floor in Xuver, and get a quick overview of the situation.

From the basement to the top level in no time

With Xuver, you can easily get everywhere while keeping your hard hat in the trunk of your car! The avatars will walk through the building as if it was already finished. Navigate quick and easy from the basement to the fifth floor and all the way to the top level. Even areas that in reality aren’t yet finished, or safe enough to walk around in, can be viewed in Xuver.

Xuver makes visualizing architecture easy and quick

Using Xuver makes it particularly easy to discuss those spots that are hard to get to, without disturbing the workforce. On-site there will be an office for the building supervisor and other on-site staff. Get everyone together in this office and start walking around inside the model.

Besides going to your clients to view the design, it’s also possible to get everyone to log in via their own laptops. You don’t even need to be in the same location as the construction company anymore. This will save both parties valuable time. As a matter of fact: according to architects who are already using Xuver, it will bring your traveling times down by about 50%.

Does the construction company that is building your apartment tower need a quick meeting? Is there a slight misunderstanding about construction materials or is it just time for a periodic update on the construction process? Use Xuver to do all these things. Go on-site and view the 3D design together, or invite your client and arrange a viewing from the comforts of your own office, home or wherever in the world. Xuver is available as a two-week free trial. Follow the button below to try Xuver!