The importance of 3D visualization in urban planning

When planning a new building block, apartment tower or big shopping area there are always a lot of variables to take into account. Stakeholders, future tenants or buyers and residents need to be informed regularly. In order to do so, 3D visualization is an excellent choice to bring all these different groups of people together. 

Why use 3D visualization in urban planning?

Let’s first look at the reason why one would use 3D visualization in urban planning, or -for that matter- use 3D visualization at all. 3D visualization is an excellent way to provide clarity when dealing with a new project. The main question from everyone involved is: ‘what is it going to look like?’ Well, if you have an accurate 3D visualization of the project, everyone involved will be able to check out what your urban planning project will eventually look like.

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Different stakeholders, different needs

In any large urban planning project, you will have a substantial amount of stakeholders that want to stay involved during the planning and building process. In different stages, you will have to keep them informed in a way that keeps them happy. Using 3D visualization in urban planning is an excellent way to do so. Let’s look at some of the stakeholders and how to inform them about using 3D visualization. 

Some of these involved groups are: 

  • Current residents/people from the surrounding area

These people are going to be emotionally and personally involved, as lots of them have lived in the area for years or even decades. They need a realistic and clear 3D visualization of what the project will look like.

  • Investors
    As there is a lot of money being pumped into this new urban planning project, investors want to be involved from the very start. They’d also want to know what the possibilities will be for the business or residential spaces. So, in this case, you could show an early visualization that focuses more on the dimension of the spaces and their potential usage. In the later stage, you can always go all out with a fully detailed model. 
  • Future residents or business owners
    For every urban planning project, there will be a substantial amount of interested parties that want to acquire a piece of the action, to start a business or move in with their families. In order to get these people on board, you want to build an emotional connection with them. So showing the 3D visualization in its fully detailed form is a great way to make them enthusiast about the end result. 

However, a future resident would also like to know whether their corner couch will fit, or an interested business owner wants to know where the till can be placed. In that case, a less-detailed version of the project can also be sufficient. 

Apply 3D visualization in your next urban planning project

You might think applying 3D visualization into your next urban planning project is going to be quite a mission. How would you get all those people that are involved in the project in one room? Well, that’s not necessary! You can easily make your 3D visualizations available online. And why not? Everyone involved in the project knows their way around the internet, so it’s a matter of merely finding a 3D visualization platform that is easy to understand for everyone involved.

With new online visualization techniques, it is now possible to show a new project as an online 3D urban planning model to everyone involved. Project developers, future tenants or business owners or perhaps even the mayor of the city or borough you are developing for: everyone can simply walk through your 3D urban planning world after you have made it online available. One such platform is Xuver, the world’s first online visualization platform. 

Our online software allows your clients to walk through your model with their very own 3D figure, an avatar. This all happens online, inside the browser. In other words: less need to travel back and forth and easy 24/7 access into the 3D urban planning project. Allow your clients to form an emotional bond with the new project, even before the first brick has been laid! For potential tenants and business owner this will shorten the decision-making process. And as we all know: the sooner every premise is sold or rented, the sooner the construction process can start. 

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Using Xuver for 3D visualization in urban planning

Xuver is such a platform that will work for everyone involved; commercial or residential, investor or construction company. As you, the architect, draw the plan in you preferred 3D program, you will be able to convert your file format (Revit, SketchUp, ARCHICAD or IFC) into a .xr (Xuver) file rapidly, after which this file can be used to visualize your project inside the browser. 

Let everyone walk around inside the urban planning project

After doing so, you are able to simply send the browser link to everyone involved or place the link on the website that is used to keep everyone informed about the project. Now everyone can literally walk around inside the urban planning project with their own 3D figure, the avatar. This unique approach will bring the design to life to everyone involved, no matter their level of technical skill. 

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