What is virtual reality?

What is virtual reality?

What is virtual reality. The fascinating world of virtual reality deserves a little bit of attention. The technique itself is not new, but the adaptation of it into corporate life is more recent and lesser known. But what exactly is virtual reality and where does it come from? In this article we answer these questions. Read everything about the development of this interesting technique, and how to use it as a professional.

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Virtual reality: a history

Virtual reality literally means creating a different reality. This can be done by ‘misguiding’ the senses. It is possible to create a different reality than our own by doing this. As it were, there is a fake reality that is being created. This technique was first developed in the United States of America in the 80ies. The word ‘virtual reality’ was probably used first by one of its creators, Jaron Ianier. This man worked for a company that was developing the first VR-systems in which viewers could become ‘submerged’ in a virtual environment. For example, think about 3D glasses is a cinema. Nowadays this is commonplace.

What is virtual reality for companies

However, this technique can also be used in many other ways. For example, into corporate life. Virtual reality is excellent for the visualization of all kinds of models. Whether it is an office waiting to be built, an apartment complex or a park. By using virtual reality it is possible to visualize something that was seldom possible. For the modern professional it is of course very attractive to use this modern technique. At Xuver we are aware of this, and we developed a handy tool that makes it very easy to use virtual reality in your company as well.

What is virtual reality by Xuver?

Xuver is a leading company in the world of three-dimensional visualization, virtual reality and all other aspects. This technique develops very quick and our team is always up-to-date about the newest developments in this branch. In this way we can make custom made virtual reality happen for any company. Our viewer has been especially developed for this purpose. With this innovative tool we can convert your existing 3D drawings or 3D models from Autodesk easily into a virtual environment. This is a service that comes in handy for you and your clients, seeing that not every client has the technical insight that is needed to translate a blueprint. With this viewer there is no need for that anymore, you can simply walk through the model and show everything. Furthermore, this viewer is very user-friendly, so no special training is needed. Another convenient aspect is that this viewer works directly from the browser so there is no need to install heavy software or plugins. Would you like to know more? We will be delighted to show you the many possibilities by our extensive portfolio.

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