In our digital age, a meeting or client update is often just a video call away. But this method alone might not provide the best engagement or inspiring environment. A scientifically proven method to solve this matter, is to provide an engaging virtual space where all participants can meet in an engaging and inspiring way.

More engaging than a video call

As human beings, personal interaction is essential to successful cooperation, innovation and trust. In recent years, our lives -private as well as professional- are more and more taking place in the digital world. In a professional sense, this can be seen as a virtue, as meetings with clients or colleagues all over the world can be done with a video call instead of meeting face-to-face. This saves time and money.

However, in our challenge to incorporate meaningful and personal interaction to the digital world, a mere video call might not be the right medium after all. Zoom fatigue is a real phenomenon that has affected many people worldwide. So in order to create maximum engagement, the online medium needs to reproduce the same virtues as a real-life meeting.

Boost engagement and inspiration

With XUVER, you combine a number of digital communication techniques to create an environment that is as engaging as a spontaneous, real-life meeting. Besides that, the meeting takes place inside a custom virtual space that can resemble your offices, warehouses or even a stadium or auditorium for online lectures. Every audience member has their own 3D avatar, which is a scientifically proven way to boost engagement, just like you would with a real-life conversation.

Online engagement in a virtual space

In this manner, you step beyond video calls and provide ultimate engagement in an easily accessible virtual space. Participants from all over the world get easy access simply by clicking on a link that opens the virtual meeting space. After picking their avatar (a 3D figure) it is time to explore the digital model, which can be any design made in Revit, SketchUp or ArchiCAD. Don’t have a design in one of these file formats yet? XUVER is happy to provide you with a custom virtual space. Or you can choose a ready-made, customizable design that you can decorate with your logos and branding.

A video call is only the beginning

Inside the model, the avatars will meet and be able to communicate with each other. There is no limit as to how many avatars are able to join the meeting, so it will be easy for you to scale up your gatherings in your very own digital space.

Communication is as easy as a video call, but this is only the beginning. In XUVER, you meet inside an engaging and inspiring virtual space that can be fully customized to suit your brand and specific needs. This makes XUVER a tool that can serve many purposes. Some of them are:

  • Spontaneous and planned online meetings and project updating
    Instead of meeting project stakeholders or colleagues in your office, why not meet inside an inspiring digital version of your offices? This will create engagement that goes far beyond a video call.
  • Lectures, engaging webinars and online events
    Just as easily, XUVER can be used to give lectures or conduct online events that attract an audience from all over the world. Meet in a virtual auditorium and share insights, inspiration and new ideas.
  • Retail and marketing
    Create an online version of your shop or warehouse and let your clients from all over the world visit you. By attaching URLs to objects, they can find more product information or make purchases. Inside your virtual retail space, you can live chat with your audience about any questions they may have.

A virtual space that is easily accessible for everyone

These are just some of the many purposes that XUVER can serve. As a virtual space that is created for people to meet online with the power of a real-life meeting, we can imagine that there are many more ways in which XUVER can be used.

Would you like to learn more about our online virtual space that allows you to organize online meetings and go far beyond your standard video call, create maximum engagement and free yourself from the current limitations of digital communication platforms? By clicking on the button below, you can book a free 30 minute demo that will explain everything about XUVER and how you can use this platform to suit your exact needs.