Good news for Mac users that design with ArchiCAD! Xuver developed an ArchiCAD plugin especially for this large group of users. The ArchiCAD plugin converts your ArchiCAD file into a Xuver (.xr) file. The plugin is free and available through our website. In this article we will tell you all about this handy plugin and how to use it for Xuver’s in-browser viewer.

What is Xuver?

So first of all, what is Xuver and how can it be used by the ArchiCAD designer? Xuver is the world’s first viewer that works completely inside the browser. Besides that unique fact, this is also a multi-user viewer, which means that you can invite others inside your Archicad design to view it with you. This is easily done by navigating your avatar (a 3D figure) through the building. This approach creates an unprecedented sense of dimension and space, which makes it easier for your clients to visualize a model. That -in short- is Xuver. Would you like to read more about this one-of-a-kind viewer? This article will tell you everything you need to know.

The ArchiCAD plugin for Mac users

So how does one use the ArchiCAD plugin? As an ArchiCAD designer, there is a big chance that you are using Apple hardware for your work. For Xuver it would only be logical to create a plugin for this popular drawing program. The ArchiCAD plugin can be downloaded for free through the Xuver website. First thing to do is a very quick sign-up for our free trial. Now download the Archicad plugin. Which installs itself just by following the simple steps provided by the software.

Installing the ArchiCAD plugin

After signing up for Xuver and installing the ArchiCAD plugin, you can see a notification in ArchiCAD that a plugin has been installed. From there you can use the plugin to select your desired ArchiCAD file. The plugin will convert your file into the aforementioned .xr file. This is necessary to visualize the file inside your own browser. Now you login to our Backend System with your own credentials, create a new project and upload the file that was converted. Upload this file as a scene. Now you select ‘submit’. The only thing you need to do now is to wait a few seconds for the file to load and set your avatars starting position. After doing this, you can walk around the model freely and experience Xuver.

Complete multi-user accessability

But the true potential of Xuver comes across in its multi-user accesibility. With Xuver, you can invite others into your model, after which everyone can walk around explore the model. Take your clients, colleagues or any other interested parties on a journey inside your model. While viewing the model with others, you can also explain all the details through the built-in voice module. That is just one of the many interactive features added inside Xuver. Another key point is user-friendliness. Everyone can use the viewer right away and navigate through the model.

Start using Xuver right away

You are only a few small steps away from using Xuver to explain your ArchiCAD designs to your clients. Sign up for our free trial below and experience for yourself how convenient this tool is for you and your clients. Welcome to the future of visualization!

Learn more? Feel free to contact our team for more information, or have a look at our FAQ