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Xuver developed a revolutionary online 3D viewer

A 3D viewer that works completely in the browser and works smoothly was a far-fetched dream for professionals for a long time. But at Xuver, we made this dream into a reality. Our online 3D viewer is entirely web-based and multi-user. With this handy tool viewing, sharing and discussing 3D models becomes very easy.

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How our 3D viewer works

But how does that web based viewer by Xuver work exactly? It is no longer necessary to download heavy and often costly software. Instead of that we work with converters and plugins, these can be downloaded through our website. With these programs, your BIM files (SketchUp, Archicad, .ifc and many others) can be converted into our special .xr file format. Via the Xuver Backend platform we can turn this file into a beautiful visualization, which can be viewed within moments.

The 3D viewer: an interactive and innovative tool

By launching our 3D viewer we delivered what seemed to be impossible for a long time. However, this tool is more than ‘just’ a handy manner to view your designs. With an avatar you can walk through a model, alone or with others. Everyone involved can just do this from the comforts of their own current location and by using their browser of choice. Interaction with others in the model is possible via a built-in speak module. Discuss everything about the model in real-time and point out all ins and outs with a laser pointer. Another handy function is the possibility to remove and re-add layers in the model, which makes it easy to see what is underneath. And maybe the best of it all? Everyone can use the 3D viewer right away. There is no special training required to use the tool.

For whom did we develop the 3D viewer

We developed this viewer with a broad group of professionals in mind. Firstly there are the architects and designers. However, also asset managers or interior and garden designers can find good use for this viewer. This viewer even finds a solution in the hospitality sector or even the maritime world. In short: everywhere where there is a need for a thorough, interactive, three dimensional overview. And for every target audience that is involved in design, viewing or management.

Want to know more? That is possible

Of course we are always open for contact. So please feel free to reach out to us of you would like to know more about this versatile 3D viewer or other possible services by Xuver. Our team would be delighted to show you a demonstration of all the possibilities of this 3D viewer. We would love to hear from you!

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