In this series of blog articles, we will put a different Xuver feature in the spotlight. We will explain how each feature helps in the process of clarifying your 3D designs to your clients. In this article, we will discuss the layers in your model. Our layer feature allows you to show or hide parts in layers.

Show or hide layers

If you design with software such as Revit, ArchiCAD or export an IFC file from a different designing program, you are familiar with different layers in the model. As the world’s first in-browser visualization tool, Xuver takes your design as the foundation of the in-browser model that you can walk through, together with your clients.

This means that the different layers you used are also added in the design, they form the same group and carry the same name as you used in the design. In the viewer, these layers can be hidden or shown so you can explain every aspect of your model, without objects being in the way or parts of it staying hidden. Architect using Xuver are for example very excited about the ability to show the construction to clients.

How to hide layers

Doing this is quick and easy. In the interface of the Xuver platform, you can select the option ‘layers’. A menu will unfold on the right side of your screen. In this menu you will see the different layers that are available to hide. Play around by clicking on them, you will see them become invisible one by one.

All of a sudden, your model looks quite different, and previously hidden parts come to surface. Have you hidden too many layers? Don’t worry. By clicking on the layers again they will reappear, so you can quickly go back to the former situation.

Create scenarios by using the layer function

This function also works excellent to show different scenarios in your design. For example, you could show your client easily what different sized annexes would look like in an exterior view. Or maybe the client wishes to remove a wall inside their house. This wall can easily be removed with the layer function. In this manner, everyone can see what the possibilities are for a brand-new interior or exterior!

Have you tried hiding layers yet? It works with every model in which layers have been modelled. If you don’t have a Xuver account yet, just register today and experience the convenience of Xuver’s powerful in-browser visualization. You can invite clients, contractors or colleagues inside to walk through the model with you. Experience the convenience of this powerful in-browser visualization tool today!