In this series of blog articles, we will put the spotlight on features and dedicate a blog to a single feature. We will explain how to use this feature in the architectural process and hope to give you some new ideas on how you can put that feature to use.

In this article, we discuss Xuver’s multi-user viewer access. This feature allows you to access a design with multiple users at the same time.

Multi-user viewer

When creating Xuver, we noticed that there was a lot of explanation going on in the designing process. Since we dreamed about clarifying a design process online, we knew one of the basics would have to be that you are absolutely sure that you are talking about the same thing and understand each other completely.

This thought turned into the multi-user viewer that is available in Xuver today. Anyone can invite the other person to walk around with an avatar themselves. Since you can also see each other, there really is an atmosphere of a meeting. And as you are also able to speak with the voice module, there really is nothing that is going to keep you from setting up virtual meetings

Easily invite multiple clients

Xuver is the world’s first completely online 3D viewer, without plugins or downloading anything. This makes Xuver easy to use for anyone. All you need is an internet connection. As the publisher of the model, you can invite as many people as you wish.

Virtual meetings

Why meet in virtual reality instead of in person? In our research, we found out there are a lot of moments in a design process where a designer wants to quickly check something with a client, like the position of doors, or certain shapes, window location, construction, etc.

Many architects wait for the next meeting and collect all these issues to discuss them at once. Architects using Xuver just simply send a link and meet online. Show and discuss the situation quickly after which you as an architect can simply continue designing, knowing you are doing the right thing.

Customer experience

What’s the difference? Architects using Xuver get great feedback from customers. We see that there really has been too little attention for the customers’ ability to envision a space situation for new homes, offices or any other space that needs to be built. A virtual meeting inside the design really helps clients to get a feel for the project and relate to it as if it was already built.

What about the architect?

What’s in it for you? Well, architects experience a better relationship with their clients and much more speed in the designing and building process when they add Xuver as a communication tool.

Managing client expectations hasn’t always been easy. Clients now get an idea and feel for the design causing them to have the right expectations and being more satisfied than before. The biggest difference, there are very little surprises when the building is finished.

Instead, people actually get confirmation of their expectations, which is a major difference in customer experience. Architects and designers feel this along the way and experience the added value of Xuver when talking to their clients.

Get started!

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