VMV cad-Adviseurs is a company that has specialized itself within the BIM-world by offering training courses and software, aimed mostly at the Dutch and Belgian markets. Recently, this company has started offering Xuver as a software application. We interviewed CEO Suzanne Smits and asked her why Xuver was such a good match for her company. 

Let’s start Suzanne, what is it exactly that VMV-cad Adviseurs does? 

“We are the official resellers of ADOMI as well as SketchUp. While the latter is used all over the world, ADOMI is a fairly specific program that is mostly used in the Benelux region (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg), with a big emphasis on The Netherlands. Therefore, you could say that we serve a largely domestic market. Besides offering software and training courses for these two designing programs, we also provide applications that we find fitting and valuable for our assortment and the products that we deliver. 

So what was the reason to start offering Xuver?

“As I said, it’s important for us to offer something that our clients (mainly architects) need. ADOMI uses the IFC file format, whereas SketchUp has its own .skp format. In the past, we have seen similar applications as Xuver for either one of these programs, but never for both of them at once. The fact that Xuver can convert both .ifc as .skp files, is a classical ‘two birds one stone’ situation, and ideal for us. With Xuver, we are able to offer one single application to our whole client base. So you could say that this user-friendliness and convenience was the decisive factor for us to put Xuver on our website.” 

Anyone can use Xuver within moments’ 

Suzanne Smits – CEO VMV-cad Advisors

Are there any other reasons that were important in choosing Xuver? 

“Besides the fact that Xuver can use both file formats, it is easy to understand for anyone who uses it. In the past, we have been offering several applications that weren’t very successful, as one almost needed to have a university degree to use them. Xuver can be used by anyone, layman or professional, within moments. There are no complicated steps required to view a model.”

And how does that translate towards your target audience: architects and their clients?

“I think Xuver significantly broadens communication between architects and their clients. Sometimes you just want to explain something quickly to, lets say, the future owner of a house you’re designing. However, the problem is often that a layman can’t read technical drawings. This knowledge gap makes communication difficult. By using Xuver, your client can actually see what is being done, and that clarifies everything. To add to this there is the quick conversion of IFC and SketchUp files. All of these things make Xuver a tool that makes it really easy and quick to share 3D models. 

‘Xuver broadens communication between architects and their clients’ 

Suzanne Smits

So how important is it to have a different converter for SketchUp as well as IFC?

“Besides the obvious ease of using a converter for your file format, it is also a matter of staying as close to the source as possible. Many architects and 3D designers do have the means to convert their file format, usually to a much-used SketchUp (.skp) format. However that is far from ideal, as each conversion will make you lose data. So to go from 3D model to -in this case- Xuver visualization you would as few steps as possible. Therefore, offering different converters is essential to retain the quality of the source file.” 

Lastly: what else was important to make your decision for a cooperation with Xuver? 

“Another aspect that we like is that Xuver can handle technical support as well, which makes it easier for us to handle any questions that may arise and send them through to Xuver. But IFC and SketchUp compatibility was the decisive factor. From now on, Xuver is available through our website. We will see how it goes, but I personally think that professionals will quickly recognize Xuver as a valuable addition in their client communications. 

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