Architecture and 3D designing is a constant process of decision making in close communication with the client. But as you often need to meet in person to explain a certain design choice, even the smaller decisions take time. What kind of roof will the building get? Or is the kitchen going to be fully open or closed? Xuver can be used to lay out different design options quick and thorough to your clients. In this blog we will give you two examples of doing this. 

Using the layer feature to show different options to your clients

In Xuver, you can make your 3D designs available online to take your clients on a virtual journey through your model inside the browser. The 3D figure, the avatar, will enable everyone to experience space and dimension, just like a viewing in real life. In Xuver, there is also an added feature to show and hide different layers of your model: very handy if you need to show your client some hard-to-see places!

But this layer feature can also be used to show your client different options and make a quick and thorough decision. Just add a different styled roof, window or interior wall as a different layer inside your 3D designing program, upload it to the Xuver platform and you will be able to make full use of this feature. 

Example 1: different roofs, extensions or windows

The design of a roof completes the aesthetics of a design. So it’s essential to show your client what is possible and is an added value to the aesthetic character at the same time. In order to manage their expectations, you can narrow the options down to 2, perhaps 3 differently styled roofs for their future home.

This will give them room to choose while keeping things realistic. In a similar manner, you can show them different shaped extensions to their home or windows. Is their living room going to have one huge window or does it look better with several smaller ones? Try it out, view it from all angles (including incidence of light) and decide together. 

Example 2: interior options

The layer feature is used in a similar manner to decide on interior design options. Does the place get an open kitchen, a closed kitchen or a bar? Show these possibilities while explaining the implications in real-time with the added voice module. Using the layer function is also crucial to explain the structural necessities. Your clients might not know why you’ve added that support pillar that will keep the roof from collapsing over their heads. With the layer function, you are able to show them different options (e.g. a support beam or a retaining wall), while once again managing realistic expectations. 

Keep your clients involved

Xuver is a platform that was designed to keep your clients informed about the designing progress without the need for anyone to leave their location. Using Xuver as a tool to show layers is a great way to keep your clients involved in the modelling process, while you keep control over what they can choose from. Everyone will have a clear, realistic view of the architectural progress, decisions can be made easier and projects will be quicker and smoother. 

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