As the world’s first completely in-browser viewing tool, Xuver has been received spectacularly. Since its recent launch, already 750 architects, designers and 3D modellers use Xuver. In this article, we will give you some more insightful information about Xuver, and our constant drive to improve.

More than 750 enthusiastic users

For many architects and designers who use 3D designing software, it takes a lot of time showing a 3D drawing to clients. It means travelling back and forth and showing either expensive renders or drawings that don’t say much to clients. This dilemma is now easily solved. Because with Xuver, you can now let your clients experience spaces in your model like never before! The avatar gives people a feel for scale.

Using Xuver, you show your 3D drawings to anyone who is involved in the designing process, inside your own web browser! The response from clients is amazing. Around 750 professionals have started using Xuver already and we see a massive increase in users every day. Best of all, the reviews are raving!

Show your designs like never before

Xuver can be used instantly for a broad variety of 3D designing applications. Xuver is currently available for SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Revit and can be used for IFC files on Windows! SketchUp and ArchiCAD are also available for MacOS. Getting started is easy.

First, you sign up. After this step, you can convert and upload your designs and within moments, your model becomes visible as a clear-cut in-browser visualization which you can explore with a 3D figure, the avatar! However, the true power of Xuver comes across in its multi-user accessibility!

After your model has been visualized, you can send your clients and/or contractors the browser link. After opening the link, they can walk around inside the model together with you, from their own location and you can see each other!

Xuver shows what is yet to be built

Your clients will be able to access the model right away, and navigate through the model with their own avatar! This approach gives everyone involved in the designing process a clear and natural view of dimension and space. Almost as clear-cut as a viewing in real life! Xuver is showing what is yet to be built, without expensive renders or difficult downloads!

Xuver’s interactive features

Xuver has many added features that enable great communication inside the 3D model, in order to make everything clear as day for you and your clients. In the in-browser model, you can communicate live through the voice module. While walking through the model, many other interactive features have been added to optimize communication.

For example, the measuring tool, the laser pointer and the minimap to show where you are in a model. A new feature we added is the ghost mode, which allows your avatar to move through windows and closed doors, making it easier to get where you need to be inside your model! Check out some of the interactive features in our Youtube tutorials:

Become part of the future of visualization

It’s very easy to become part of Xuver! The future of visualization is only a few mouse clicks away. After launching the world’s first in-browser viewer, we received many subscribers and architects, designers and their clients from all over the world are informing about Xuver. So sign up and start using Xuver today, for yourself and your clients.