VMV cad-Adviseurs is a company that has been active in the world of virtual building since 1987. In the Netherlands, they are the official suppliers of ADOMI and SketchUp Pro, for which they also provide training courses. Besides that, VMV cad-Adviseurs is always on the lookout for new, innovative plugins that are useful for their clients. As of recently, they became the first Xuver GOLD Partner.  

An addition to the product portfolio

The Delft-based company has been around since the starting days of virtual building and has seen many plugins, applications and software come and go. Their careful selection of plugins and applications is based on what they find most useful for their client base, CEO Suzanne Smits explains briefly what made them decide to choose Xuver. “As we are only offering applications that we deem valuable, we choose Xuver mainly because it’s very easy to use. Literally everyone can start using Xuver in moments. 

One program for SketchUp and ADOMI users

Another determining factor, was the versatility of Xuver, as Smits explains. “While SketchUp is one of the most-adopted 3D designing programs, the ADOMI market is mainly concentrated in the Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg) area, with a strong emphasis on The Netherlands. Thanks to their plugins, both the SketchUp (.skp) as the ADOMI (.ifc) file formats can be quickly converted into a online viewable 3D visualization. And that is handy for us, as we can offer one program that serves the ADOMI as well as the SketchUp user.”

User friendliness and speed

Another major benefit appointed by VMV cad-Adviseurs is the user friendliness and speed with which everyone, both layman and professional, can use Xuver directly. Xuver has been designed in such a way that there is no need for any complicated steps in order to view a model. Smits: “I think Xuver broadens your communication from architect to client. With Xuver, your client is able to truly visualize a model, something that helps a lot.”

Getting acquainted with Xuver from your own trusted environment

This partnership offers great possibilities for Xuver too. Sales manager Laurens Kok explains it as follows. “VMV cad-Adviseurs is an established name with a great client base and an impeccable reputation. Clients often have a relationship with this company that goes back many years. By offering Xuver via VMV cad-Adviseurs, these clients can get acquainted with our software through a company that they already know. This offers a great opportunity for us to present ourselves in an environment that the client is already familiar with.”  

Read the full interview with Suzanne Smits, CEO of VMV cad-Adviseurs here