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Spontaneous meetings and lectures in the ACT NOW Metaverse

XUVER provides virtual event space for Tech Summit 2022

ACT NOW is a platform that brings entrepreneurs and experts together to create impact. By organizing the Tech Summit 2022, they facilitate an essential event for the Dutch technology sector. With the ACT NOW Metaverse -made possible by XUVER- both the summit’s physical and virtual event spaces are taken care of.

While the Tech Summit is taking place in Breda, participants from all over the world can digitally join inside the ACT NOW Metaverse: a virtual meeting place that runs on XUVER technology. For Peter Brouwers, CEO of ACT NOW, it was logical to opt for a Metaverse experience that enables spontaneous, virtual encounters. Brouwers: “If we have seen one thing in recent years, it is that the virtual part of an event is just as important as the physical part. Meetups, lectures and networking events take place both offline and online.”

Virtual encounters and live streams

XUVER’s ACT NOW Metaverse is used for many activities before, during and after the Tech Summit, which will take place in the spring of 2022. Brouwers: “With the ACT NOW Metaverse, people can get to know each other beforehand in a virtual environment. During the summit, we want to live stream keynote speakers and events. You can also collect information from special stands and watch videos from our partners. And afterwards, there is room for relaxation: chat and network with other tech entrepreneurs.”

Brouwers explains why XUVER was allowed to provide the ACT NOW Metaverse: “We were looking for a way to make virtual meetings possible so that entrepreneurs can network in all kinds of different ways. Essentially we wanted to combine the virtual and the physical event. 

XUVER was the right candidate for this because its technology is accessible for everyone to use. XUVER works easily online, so without installations or other barriers. In addition, the appearance and possibilities of XUVER are aligned with what we strive for: an inspiring and impact-creating Tech Summit.”

Making an impact through connection

By offering the visitor a virtual environment, ACT NOW also responds to recent Metaverse developments. However, according to Peter Brouwers, this is not a direct reason to choose XUVER. “Of course, it’s good to go along with trends, but the most important thing for us was to create an inspiring, virtual environment that stimulates creativity and innovation. The speed and ease with which the ACT NOW Metaverse can be set up was also distinctive to our choice. You want to offer a unique experience, which at the same time contains all the features you need for a virtual event.”

One of the core goals of ACT NOW is to create impact by connecting and exchanging knowledge. By using XUVER, the impact of the Tech Summit can be increased, says Brouwers: “Our target group is primarily entrepreneurs, and every meeting between enterprising people offers new opportunities from which growth and acceleration can arise. I am convinced that virtual encounters, such as in the ACT NOW Metaverse, stimulate people to establish connections and exchange information.”

With the ACT NOW Metaverse, XUVER is entering into a collaboration where virtual encounters will take on a whole new meaning. Are you currently organizing an event? Then XUVER can help you create and facilitate an entirely virtual event environment!

Peter Brouwers
CEO of Act Now

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