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During my spare time I manage a YouTube channel, the Aussie BIM Guru which aims to share and expose industry relevant workflows and software for other professionals.

Get the most out of your BIM Model

When Xuver first approached me with their product I could immediately see the potential – a web-based model viewer is not just exciting, it is the next natural step in BIM software integration.

I have used various other third-party model viewers in my professional work and whilst they may provide a pseudo-realistic window into the model, it can be difficult to share the experience with other consultants and our clients; usually due to the hardware needed to run the experience or the file size of the standalone versions.

Gavin Crump demonstrating XUVER on his Youtube channel

The multi-user environment Xuver enables, whilst possible in some other products, is so simple to set up and pilot for users of any technical skillset. Simply share a URL via email, and a few minutes later you can be in a virtual model meeting with a client.

For every BIM professional

I highly recommend Xuver for any BIM professional looking to get the most out of their BIM model from a communication perspective, there isn’t anything else out there right now I’ve seen that marries ease of use so well with model viewing. I would keep a close eye on Xuver – great things ahead I expect!

Gavin Crump
Founder of BIM Guru and Aussie BIM Guru 

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