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“Xuver looks to solve the problem of bridging BIM to clients who do not have experience in the construction industry.

Collabed founder Alex Ramsden about XUVER

Practises are now using 3D modelling in Revit or other programmes to create their drawings, however the end product is the same, PDF’s or printed copies. 

Xuver allows you to use the maximum potential of a 3D model and allows your clients to view their projects in 3D on a web browser. What sets Xuver apart however is the ability for both the Architect and the client to enter the 3D model as an avatar, walk around their design and discuss thoughts and opinions live whilst viewing their design.

I’ve had the pleasure to see first-hand how this works thanks to a free CPD provided by the company to our network. It was as easy as uploading your model to website and sending the link to your client,  it is definitely something I’ll be looking to use in the future!”

Alex Ramsden
Founder of Collabed Construction

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