Selling and sampling wines in the XUVER Metaverse

As a reseller of exclusive and non-standard wines from around the world, VINVIN Wines is a company that aims to explore the borders of an otherwise traditional industry. With XUVER, they have now added a fully virtual world in which selling, sampling and launching of wines can take place.

Since its establishment in 2020, VinVin has had to cope with restrictive measures in one way or another. According to managing partner Marcel Just de la Paisières, different ways to engage with customers had to be explored. “VINVIN Wines transfers wine knowledge to our customers through a combination of technologies and a personal approach. We do this with a range that consists of more than 300 exceptional (and sometimes limited) wines of high quality. I was looking to create a virtual meeting space where we can share knowledge with partners and customers.”

Marcel’s search for a platform lead him to XUVER. Marcel: “Around the festive period, I saw an item on the Dutch national news about companies celebrating their end-of-year festivities inside the Metaverse. So I contacted XUVER, and soon after that we already had a plan for VINVIN’s Metaverse. What attracted me about XUVER is that it is subscription-based, and the virtual world is available for a full year. Besides that, it’s easily accessible from anywhere in the world.”

Wine, art and NFTs

Marcel Just de La Paisières has big plans with the VINVIN Metaverse. “The first steps we will take in our metaverse include launches of exclusive champagnes and wines from top wineries. We will first offer these products exclusively in the virtual world. Another thing we offer is virtual masterclasses and art exhibitions. But it’s not only wine that is on Marcel’s mind: “Wine and art go hand in hand. So we want to create a virtual gallery where the work of various artists is exhibited and can be purchased.”

“As part of our metaverse, visitors also receive special promotions. And last but not least, we explore the possibilities of releasing NFTs with VINVIN Wines. Think of an exclusive membership where your NFT gives access to unique benefits. At the moment, our main goal is to take the online wine experience and customer experience to a higher level. For the time being, we are currently offering select group access to our metaverse. It will be open to everyone later in the year.”

The end of the twodimensional internet

By placing his company in the Metaverse, Marcel believes he is laying the foundations to a wind of change that is already taking place. Marcel: “The two-dimensional internet will gradually change in the coming years, into a three-dimensional, spatial form. Think of it as a virtual meeting place. At the moment, the metaverse is still an unknown world for many, but that will change soon enough. And although I believe that the optimization of this can take more than ten years, we are already taking the first steps. As far as we know, VINVIN Wines is the first wine company in the world to dive into the metaverse.”

Marcel Just de la Paisières
Managing Partner Vinvin

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